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Reaching, Touching, Changing Lives.




The fundamental aim of Genesis-AOM is to reach, touch and change the lives of Mongolians by providing social, economic and spiritual assistance to empower Mongolians to lead productive lives and contribute to the development of their nation.


Registered as a Mongolian NGO in 2003, Genesis-AOM is an amalgamation of sister organizations Asian Outreach Mongolia NGO (registered 1992) and Genesis NGO (registered in 1997), both members of the Asian Outreach Alliance.


The Core Values of Genesis-AOM


•   Total accountability – accountable to God, our staff, supporters, donors, partners and beneficiaries.

•    Biblical ethics – maintaining Biblical ethics at all times, whether working with Christian or non-Christian groups.

•    Vulnerable groups focus – helping the most needy regions and people groups.

•    Kingdom emphasis – emphasising building God’s Kingdom and reflecting the characteristics of God’s Kingdom.

•    Self-sustaining programmes – programmes or projects designed to be possible for locals to sustain without long term outside help.

•    Local support – mobilising prayer, manpower and material resources from within Mongolia, to reduce dependency on help from overseas.


Genesis-AOM works in two main spheres:


1.    Community Development

2.    Rural Church Support


1. Community Development




•    To show the practical love of God through a range of community development projects.

•    To support education and the acquisition of skills to enable young Mongolians to lead productive lives and contribute to the development of their nation.


Our Community Development projects include:

LifeSkills Values Education - run with approval of the Ministry of Education, LifeSkills Values Education complies with the objectives of the government-initiated Upright Citizens Initiative.  It focuses on developing good character and appropriate behaviour in school children.


School Social Worker Professional Development - Mongolia is currently lacking any ongoing professional development for its 600+ social workers that work in the education sector.  This is a new profession in Mongolia, and currently most school social workers are unqualified or underqualified, and lack opportunities to upskill to international best-practice standards.  This project is accredited by the Teachers' Professional Development Institute and seeks to provide ongoing professional development to school social workers throughout the nation.


Winter Kits - provides sets of winter clothing to school children to enable them to attend school throughout Mongolia's brutally cold winters.  Children who are cold in winter lose school time due to sickness, but also are unable to concentrate and learn properly.  This project seeks to improve children's health and educational opportunities through facilitating their attendance at school throughout the winter months.


2. Rural Church Support


Great Commission Institute Training

Aims to support and equip the Mongolian Church to fulfill God's Great Commission by providing leadership training to Mongolian church leaders to enable them to lead their churches, disciple believers, train other leaders, proclaim the Gospel effectively in their communities, and plant churches.



What is the Asian Outreach Alliance?


Pioneered in 1960 with a vision to “Reach, Touch and Change Lives”, the Asian Outreach Alliance today has projects established in 20 nations around the world.


As a charitable trust, based on Christian beliefs, Asian Outreach Alliance’s ongoing aid and development work is made possible by its emphasis on support partnerships with governments, organisations, churches and individuals.  It is through these good working relationships that the Asian Outreach Alliance works towards reducing poverty, healing sickness and educating today’s youth to be the leaders of tomorrow.


Our Long Term Strategy to Empower Local People


Asian Outreach Alliance's goal is to serve communities in need by raising the economic and standard of living from being reliant on relief aid through to a point where the community is self-reliant.  Over time Asian Outreach has developed a long-term strategy to achieve this goal.

 1.  Initially focusing on relief aid to meet day to day practical needs of food, health etc.

2.   Working along side the local community through development projects to raise the standard of living and enable the community to be more self reliant

3.   Educating young people and providing training in specialist skills to enable indigenous individuals to play a greater role in the development of their community now and in the future.

4.   Gradually handing over community development and relief work as local workers assume leadership roles.